A3 research: Random examples of linear perspective

Part of this assignment is to study linear perspective. Here are some examples from a couple of gallery visits over the summer. No deep analysis on these I just wanted to capture them for later reference.

MC Escher, The Hague

These are woodcuts which is remarkable in itself. I also love the way Escher has combined the effects of reflection and perspective in the pond image.


Esher again plays with perspective in the context of a reflection and how it distorts linear perspective.

Finally, the museau also had some optical illusions – here’s a short clip of a relief that plays with your mind. You’ll have to click through to Twitter for it to play I think.

Dutch masters at the Mauritshuis, The Hague

I didn’t note the details of these pieces (I should have and have made a mental note to do so in the future), but here are some examples of interiors with strong linear perspective.


One of my favorites – John Nash The Cornfields, 1918


A simple example in pen and ink from Swasky


Finally something I saw this image on a poster and tracked it down as Edward Ruscha’s ‘Standard Station’ (1966)




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