D1 A3 P4 E3: Perspective. Ariel or atmospheric perspective


Finished sketches


The overall aim of this art (part 3 Expanse) is to develop my observational drawing skills and especially within the world around me. As well as the usual challenges of concept, composition, technique etc there are additional things to think about what you don’t encounter with an interior or still life. Such as the practicalities of drawing outside, the unbounded nature of the scene, the lack of control you have as an artist.

This project focused on perspective. These exercises focused on aerial or atmospheric perspective.


Having done some research on different styles and approaches to atmospheric perspective (Westmore 2017a) so I split my paper into small sections (7 in all) and tried a different style or different lighting.


I was influenced (to a greater or lesser extent) by John Nash, George Shaw, Monet, Joan and Joan Miro. I also wanted to try the different light effects on perspective of the midday sun, contre-jour and shady forest.


This exercise taught me not only the primary technique of aerial perspective but also how that changes under different conditions (early evening contre-jour versus midday sun).

Key to this technique working is a wide enough tonal range. In a couple of these, I didn’t quite get enough to use the effect properly.



Westmore, M. (2017). A3 Research: Atmospheric perspective. [Blog] westmoreart.com. Available at: https://westmoreart.com/2017/09/01/research-atmospheric-perspective/ [Accessed 23 Sep. 2017].


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