D1 A4 P2, P3 and P4: Proportion, Form and structure.

Selected, finished sketches


  • Project 2: Proportion
    • Exercise 1: Quick studies. Paying particular attention to planes and shapes.
    • Exercise 2:  Longer Study focussing on the characteristics of the pose, weight and presence and proportions.
  • Project 3: Form
    • Exercise 1 basic shapes. A seated model.
    • Exercise 2 essential elements. A sequence of 6 different poses
    • Exercise 3: Stance. Looking for the line of balance
    • Exercise 4: Energy. A dynamic pose
  • Project 4: Structure
    • Exercise 2: Three figure drawings


This was my first life drawing experience. I joined a class and so I only had a little bit of control over what poses etc we did. I tried to fit it as best I could to the aims of the exercises.  These sketches were done over 3 sessions 10:00-16:00 on subsequent weekends. I used a mix of charcoal, pastel, pencil and conte.


I found this really hard. It was my first experience of life drawing so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I found working at pace challenging – I tend to take my time. I also found measuring very difficult. It was quite a cosy studio so it was difficult to get some distance from the model or the easel. Finally, I found the lighting challenges. There were 4 or five heaters facing the model quite rightly keeping her warm. The trouble has they emitted a soft but fairly strong glow. This meant the model was lit from below and multiple directions – I just couldn’t get my head around that.

Over the three sessions, I did relax and tried out a range of things from just using line to just tone. Different media and working at pace.

I learnt a lot along the way. For example, I started in charcoal but it became clear I was trying to work too small for the large pieces of charcoal I had so I switched to pencil for a bit and much larger images.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for the line of action. For the week after that, I was spotting lines of action everywhere!

I also spent some time cropping the figure to explore the planes and shapes without the challenge of the more difficult features to freak me out.

For some sketches I did manage to capture the right proportions – for others things didn;t quite work out. I think that was related to the poses. SOme were just easier to capture than others. To push myself I even tried a heavily forshortened pose. It was very difficult and I can’t say I enjoyed the experience – one to come back to at a later time.


I was influenced by the simple and fluid work of artists I was lucky enough to see at the National Gallery of Art in Washington – the likes of Matisse, Tolouse-Latrec, and Munch. I did the following sketches based on what I had seen (Westmore 2017).

IMG_3120 (Edited).JPG

For the final pieces, i was inspired by the work of Fred Hatt (fredhatt.com). I had great fun playing with some crazy lines to give both form and vibrancy.


Westmore, M. (2017). D1 A4 Gallery visit: National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.. [online] Matt Westmore (@westmore_art). Available at: https://westmoreart.com/2017/11/09/d1-a4-gallery-visit-national-gallery-of-art-washington-d-c/ [Accessed 9 Dec. 2017].

Hatt, F. (2017). FRED HATT. [online] Fredhatt.com. Available at: http://fredhatt.com/ [Accessed 9 Dec. 2017].


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