D1 A4 P6 E2: Self portraits


Finished sketches


Exercise 2: Your own head.


I wanted to try a few different poses and a few different styles


In feedback for my last assignment, my tutor suggested I look into graphic novel artists as a style; I wanted to do a couple of sketches with a strong and striking feel to them.

I wanted to focus on pure line as well as the tonal studies. I was influenced by the work of Julian Opie (Opie 2017); I’ve always loved how much information he conveys with so few lines.

Finally, I did a scribble drawing – partly I cant go long without introducing some colour and partly as an exploration of the work of Fred Hatt (Hatt 2017).


These were fairly quick sketches but the likeness is good in most cases. The jawline isn’t quite right in the second image and the eyes are not right for the third.

I loved the intensity of the first image so I think I might use this as a starting point for the final assignment.


Opie, J. (2017). Painting | Julian Opie. [online] Julianopie.com. Available at: http://www.julianopie.com/ [Accessed 9 Dec. 2017].

Hatt, F. (2017). FRED HATT. [online] Fredhatt.com. Available at: http://fredhatt.com/ [Accessed 9 Dec. 2017].


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