D1 A5: Research: Compare and contrast Dumas, Giocometti and Bevan

Comparing and contrasting Dumas, Giacometti, and Bevan 



I have now posted 3 blogs on the art of Dumas, Giacometti, and Bevan.

My tutor encouraged me to compare and contrast them and consider the link between the title and the piece.

All three artists are on the minimalist end of the spectrum yet they achieve complexity and depth in very different ways. Giacometti archives a sense of dynamism with rough and scratchy marks and texture – you get a real feel for movement – either the subject or the viewer. Dumas’s images are much softer and more delicate. Smooth texture achieved through the very delicate application of paint, blended, soften, removed. Bevan uses high contrast shapes, colours and composition to portray a strong sense of emotion.

Each of the artists uses negative space but in different ways. Dumas’s images seem to generally emerge ghostlike from the canvas. Her negative spaces are in fact not empty space by a faint part of the image (see for example the bedclothes of the Death of an Author). Bevan’s are either the gaps between a nexus of marks – themselves seeming to form a net overlaying the structure – or the space used to create a striking asymmetric composition.

The artists choice of title different as well. Bevan uses impersonal descriptive titles – the head – Trunk – Head and Neck etc. Dumas and Giacometti’s uses titles that describe a scene or a person – against the wall – death of an author – Jean Genet – The artist’s mother.

Their choice of subject is very different but often follows similar themes. All three have explored the dispossessed and displaced. Disposed and displaced physically or socially. or sexually.


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