D1 A5: Research: Tony Bevan

I find Bevan’s work is visceral and aggressive.

Another interesting feature is Bevan’s use fo the canvas and gound to create texture. The Head (above) uses a glossy primer that accentuates the underlying weave of the canvass adding texture that, with the red stitch like lines creates and almost embroidered piece. A bit cheesy I know but this speaks to Bevan focussing on the rich tapestry of life – especially those elements not so perfectly stitched together. It is more death scene in the Bayeux tapestry that fine needlepoint of a Tudor tapestry. The red almost appears like cuts or a view of the underlying blood vessels adding to the brutal nature of the piece.


This piece, self portrait carries on the high emotion scene. He achieves a sense of anguish with the high contrast image with asymmetric composition. The 3D rendering being created by the use of negative space rather than applying tone.

This piece Man in White Shirt, is almost cartoon-like in its approach. The use of simple monochrome lines for both shape and to hint at some tonal range. Despite this simplicity, you get a real sense of emotion and an event. He is looking off into the distance at something or someone – possibly shouting.




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